Custom Tailor Made Jackets

Minimum price: $219.00

Order your own tailor made jacket online with our custom jacket designer. Choose from a wide range of fabrics and configure every aspect of your new jacket to fit your own tastes.


Fabrics to choose from: Solid Colour Jackets, Pattern Jackets, Linen Jackets, Wool Blend Jackets, Pure Wool Jackets.


Configure your own styles: Single/Double Breasted, Lapels, Collars, Bottom Cuts, Sleeves, Cuffs, Vents, Pockets, Buttons.


Add contrasts: Contrasting Liners, Lapels, Collars, Pockets, Elbows, Button Hole Thread, Buttons, Button Thread, Monograms.


Measurements: Order generic sizes or enter your body measurements for a custom fit.

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